Support Categories & Benefits

​You will be given a support category status dependent upon the total amount of your support contribution. The total contribution will consist of items such as advertisements, sponsored sessions and exhibition space (excluding storage space). 







You will benefit from outstanding advantages linked to your support category.


Benefits will be allocated to supporters based on the following table:

Sponsorship level based on total amount of sponsorship and Exhibition Space US $ and up.US$US$US$Up to US$ .
Priority Choice of Satellite Symposium Slot1st2nd3rd4th-
Priority Choice: exhibition space 1st2nd3rd4th-
Full registrations6421-
Joint Mailshot for promotion of Satellite Symposium
Supporter's logo (company logo only, no product logos) with hyperlink on Conference website

Supporter's logo company logo only, no product logos)

in the Mini Program

Acknowledgement on Sponsors' Board on-site

Branded items will carry company logos only. No products logos or advertisements are permitted.
Special Requests: Tailored packages can be arranged to suit your objectives.


1.    Delegate Sponsor 

While registration is separate from sponsorship, sponsors who satisfy the conditions below may apply the total registration fees for the delegates they support towards their total support contribution, providing an opportunity to upgrade their support level accordingly. 

  • Freedom of choice to decide on various sponsorship items in the price list
  • Increased benefits based on support level


  • A minimum of $10,000 in total sponsorship based on items purchased from the options available in the prospectus.
  • A minimum of 100 full advance payed regular delegate registrations (trainee and other discounted registration categories are excluded from the calculation of total support).
    Total registration costs will be calculated based on the number of delegates and applicable rates for the appropriate registration categories as set forth on the conference website.

2. Custom Sponsorship Package

Tailored packages can be discussed and arranged to suit your objectives.
Please do not hesitate to contact the Industry Liaison & Sales - Charlotte Lim at to discuss your needs.